Introducing one on one vocal lessons with RIAA Multi-Platinum Recording Artist And 2019 Metal Hall Of Fame Inductee, Neil Turbin

This is for serious singers who Really Want To improve and expand their skills Now (For a limited time)

  • Do you have goals and objectives with your vocals? I'll personally pinpoint your range, octaves, strong, and weak areas of your voice and habits to strengthen and expand your technique, capacity, and capability.
  • Learn how to overcome your perceived limitations and become a master singer beyond your comfort zone.
  • Get battle-ready for your show tonight, upcoming television audition, theater production, school play, or new style and genre.
  • I sing and teach students of ALL GENRES

"Neil Turbin has an incredible range and tremendous power!"

-Claude Schnell, (Dio, Rough Cutt) Dio Message Board

Sing With Vocal Fire Power!!

This is not just celebrity coaching to say I trained with so and so, but someone who will help you to truly sing with your vocal firepower.

Some people are born with special abilities that you just can’t teach.

Others have to work twice as hard to get there. I understand this path.

If you have the will, I can help show the skill.

I have singers that have speech impediments and hearing issues. That doesn’t stop us since its a bump in the road.

If you heard them sing you would never even know it.

We help you modify habit, so you build your ability, confidence, know-how and performance-accuracy. This is not done by luck.

Its done by know how and effective preparation and training just like martial arts. Think of it as Vocal Boot Camp and getting your Black Belt in singing.

There are of course steps to getting there, but we can get you results quickly and effectively with your commitment to excellence.

If that's what you really want then I can help you get there.

How bad do you want to be the best singer that you can possibly be?

Learn non-conventional techniques proven on the road, live in concert and in the studio.

Improve your chops no matter whether you’re wanting to sing Big Notes like Whitney Houston, Staircase Vocals like Stevie Wonder, Metal Screams like Rob Halford and Ian Gillan, Full Power Vocals like Ronnie James Dio.

If you already play an instrument you need to have a strong lead vocal and strong backing vocal to become more ubiquitous, more unique, harder to replace, and an MVP.

I wont just teach you drill exercises, scales, and music theory which are essential because they can be overwhelming and often redundant or boring.

I will give you specific knowledge about how to improve, expand, and take your ability to another level.

Whether you’re already a gold or platinum artist singing big shows, you’re just starting out, or you just want to develop your singing voice, I have the know how to help you produce better and amazing results immediately!

I have the know how to help you sing better


It takes commitment and desire to get better if thats what you are seeking.

That's the first step: to recognize it.

If you are a pro-touring singer, I can help you sing through illness and through challenging days when you feel like your voice doesn't want to cooperate.

I can teach you breathing techniques to maximize your Vocal Fire Power.

I can teach you exercises which can help heal your voice and to help your chords when they’re overstressed.

I can help teach you how to pace yourself for a headline set or to sing hard for hours.

I can teach you soul, R&B, rock, blues, metal, pop, punk and even the quickest vocal delivery for rap and hip hop.

I can help warm you up for your biggest performance even if you’re opera singer.

I will help you break bad vocal habits and help you develop excellent listening and hearing habits as well as speech pathology.

I teach singers who have hearing disabilities as well as impeded speech including stutterers. Nothing to be ashamed or shy about. If you heard them sing you would never know it.

I will show you the physics of singing and energy flow.

I will teach you how to master this and deliver your vocals on a level you never thought possible.

Not by magic, but by laws of physics--instead, by proven vocal techniques, precision vocal dynamics, perfect practice, and pure know-how.

Together we will create a manage plan custom tailored specifically for you!

Believe me I’ve made mistakes and that's how I learned to be super precise, dynamic, efficient, and disciplined in my vocal techniques.

This includes being aware of the techniques of some of the world's best vocal coaches and being a student myself of singers I love... And studying them to the point where I understand their singing habits, behaviors, style even at the inflection level.

No matter if you’re a Berklee, Juliard, MI, advanced singer, intermediate, or beginner just starting out... I can help accelerate your skill level and ability.

You'll be able to work through any restrictive concerns, blockages, or vocal challenges.

I can teach you how to use your voice to its fullest and help you become the best singer you can possibly be.

“Neil Turbin - what a powerful singer”

-Carl Canedy, The Rods, Record Producer (Anthrax, Exciter, Overkill) - Sleazeroxx

I got invited to sing onstage and on albums of some of the very best singers.

That makes me push myself to be better and always learn and always grow.

When you have that kind of attitude and are open minded your going to grow.

If the doors closed nothing gets in.

Never give up and keep pushing until you get there...

And you will!

We help make it possible and help make dreams come true.

If you believe its possible then it is! Lets make it happen!

I will help you fast-track your way to see immediate improvements.

All it takes is your will, commitment and perseverance. Never give up!! Keep pushing!!

Believe me I didn’t start off thinking I was an advanced singer. I just keep striving to be the best singer I can ever be and I keep working at it every single day all the time at the forefront of my mind.

I found myself in the situation reminiscent of a prize fighter who’s in a paid boxing match. After winning or losing, imagine them going directly afterwards to a local gym to spar against more opponents to improve his game. Its a completely different mindset. Its about cognitively choosing each step with an almost sentient look ahead precision and delivering it on point and not ever going through the motions or phoning it in.

Yes, I have played gigs and went on to perform afterwards singing at jams or karaoke and sometimes 3 in a day. How bad do you want it? You have to work harder at it than anyone else is willing to.

No, I won’t teach you the same scales for an hour each week. We can work on your technique and record them so you can work on them at home as homework (Yes!! there is Homework but you will LOVE doing it as you see Results!! Fast). What we don't want to do is to redundantly and over repetitively do drills and go over the same scales each week which doesn't move you along fast enough. I consider this to be adding in filler or buying time for a vocal coach. You can practice this stuff on your own. I can listen one or two times to monitor your technique, breathing, phrasing, delivery, vowels, placement, energy flow. Vocal lessons with an hours worth of scales is hard to remember every little nuance and the benefits and improvements are slim. You have to walk away with improvements and knowledge each time and goals and objectives to get to reach the next step.

There are scales and exercises and theory just like any advanced level or college level program might teach. We just take it a step further and play by the laws of physics and what's humanly possible.

Sometimes I've pushed myself even beyond what I thought that was.

So we must go into it without bad habits about perceived vocal restrictions.

"I can't do this because____."

I can do whatever I need to vocally because I’m going to!! Watch me!!

I'm also going to work at it more than anyone is willing to do.

I've had to sacrifice personally many times to rehearse or practice my craft. I didn’t necessarily want to every single time but it is my work ethic and I knew I had to.

In order to be a champion you have to think like one.

To have the Spirit Of Excellence you must work smart, hard and with unstoppable perseverance.

So, how bad do you want it?

“Legendary thrash metal front man Neil Turbin has been singing up a storm from the ripe age of fourteen. Not only did Neil help put Anthrax on the metal map with ‘Fistful Of Metal', his songs are still being recorded & played live today”

- Cameron Edney,

About Your Coach

Neil Turbin was the original singer for Anthrax on the first album "Fistful Of Metal" and North American Tour with Raven and Metallica.and wrote songs on the the next two albums "Aremed And Dangerous" and Spreading The Disease. Neil has extensively toured internationally as a solo artist under Neil Turbin as well as with DeathRiders, Neil Turbin East Los, Anthrax, Onslaught, Steel Prophet and as a singer/songwriter.

Neil Turbin is the current lead vocalist and songwriter of the heavy metal band DeathRiders, Neil Turbin East Los and a member of the hard rock band Bleed the Hunger and Screamin Soul Demon. Neil is also performing as a singer/songwriter and has performed live on mainstream television and terrestrial radio.

Neil Turbin is an RIAA Multi Platinum Recording Artist and 2019 Metal Hall Of Fame Inductee who has sang onstage with bands and artists such as Metallica, Anthrax, HammerFall, Grim Reaper, Blaze, Bayley, Dave Evans, Onslaught, Steel Prophet, THOR, Whiplash as well as members of Paul McCartneys band WINGS and current and former members of Iron Maiden and even WAR. Neil was invited to sing at an Aretha Franklin Tribute Show as the only male singer with a mostly female cast. Neil was a co-writer and backing vocalist on 2 songs on Quiet Riot Hollywood Cowboys 2019 Frontiers Records, Sharyot (Brazil) Produced by Neil Citron 2020, John Ivan Guitar Slinger (solo artist) 2021, THOR We Will Fight Forever 2021 Cleopatra Records. Neil Turbin is also Co-Host/Journalist for THE METAL VOICE Canada and co-hosts a youtube livestream show and interviews many well known musicians and actors including Rock And Roll Hall of Famers and Big Box Office Name Actors.

"Neil Turbin gives 1000% and keeps EVERYONE at 10 the entire time! WOW!"

- Eric Blair, Blairing Out! with Eric Blair Show - Whisky a Go-Go

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Frequently asked questions

  • What happens after I sign up?

You will instantly be directed to my online calendar to schedule and confirm your session with me.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with my session?

These sessions are tremendously valuable with Neil, however, if you are not completely satisfied after your first session, please contact us in writing here for a refund.

  • Are the sessions over video?

Yes. After signing up, you'll be sent Neil's personal Zoom link for the call. In person or on-site one on one master vocal sessions are available upon request. Rate for on-site will vary based on case by case.